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Dr Rodger Brough

Dr Rodger Brough
Drug & Alcohol Physician

I have known Glenda Stanislaw for over 30 years, primarily working with her on alcohol and drug-related projects, including a current working group seeking to establish an Australian Rural Addiction Centre.

I am impressed by the professional way she conducts formal or informal meetings – whether interacting at corporate/government levels, or managing/negotiating with her colleagues and staff members.

She earns, rather than commands, respect and commitment from colleagues, staff and friends, effortlessly managing to retain a sense of humour, capacity to listen and to develop relationships.

Glenda is a respected, experienced consultant who has taken up positions with social health and welfare significance, indicative of the compassionate, dedicated commitment she brings to any project.

Mark Brennan SWPCP

Mark Brennan
Executive Officer
South West Primary Care Partnership

South West Primary Care Partnership is a not-for-profit voluntary alliance of 30 organisations, which has an Executive committee of eight senior managers and CEOs.

Every four years SWPCP develops a strategic plan and in 2016 I engaged Glenda from Commcorp Consulting to facilitate the development of our strategic plan with our Executive members.

Glenda has that knack of breaking down complex issues and tasks into sizable and manageable chunks to guide our Executive's strategic plan development.

Her knowledge of the health, wellbeing and community sector policy and practice is amazing!