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This website does not use any advertising or tracking cookies – the only cookies that may occur are generated through the WordPress content management system in its normal operation, plus a cookie from the Cloudflare content delivery network used in the pre-fetching of a javascript library.

Cookies, in internet terminology, are small text files that websites download to your hard drive. They perform various functions, such as identifying return visitors, checking if you are logged into the website, or allowing advertisers to better target advertisements to you. Cookies assist your browser to navigate the site and often act as “bookmarks” for the site.

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Our website has deliberately minimised the use of cookies as far as possible. We endeavour to record as little personal information about our site visitors as possible unless they choose to communicate directly with us.

The only cookies that may be placed by this website can be classed as “strictly necessary” because they are associated with the proper operation of the site.

To the best of our knowledge, none of the cookies used personally identify you and do not persist when you leave the site.

For European visitors

We have tested GDPR and ePrivacy compliance via the test facility at and have been rated compliant.

This means the site does not track visitors with cookies that can be used to identify you.

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