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CommCorp Consulting provides the resources to enable commercial and community groups to excel in achieving their goals

Specialising In:

Group Facilitation

We can help you arrive at a consensus to achieve decisions, develop strategic and operational plans, or hold training events.

Examples of the many groups we have facilitated include:

  • Primary Care Partnerships
  • Family mediation
  • Peak body discussions
  • survivors of disaster groups, and
  • shareholder groups.

As an independent outside view, we can also assist in negotiating an outcome when divergent views are held by members of the group and emotions are invested to move forward and find productive solutions.

Organisational Development

We can work with you to audit your business/organisation to identify and mitigate risks, re-design and optimise business processes, identify niche markets, and build in innovation practices for tomorrow.

CommCorp Consulting has supported organisations in the NFP, commercial and public sectors to work through issues, risks and opportunities arising from the dynamic environments within which they operate.

We can help you evaluate whether partnering, merging or expanding is the right option for you.


We have extensive experience in both the Not For Profit and public sector in mediation services.

Team Building and other HR Services

Do you need support to review your HR profile against current and future needs? Are you up-to-date with your employee job descriptions, contracts, performance management systems, and policy manuals?

We can assist you in reviewing and developing your HR systems and processes to enable you to meet industry standards.

We can also assist with recruitment processes and ensure that you hire the right person for the job. CommCorp Consulting has experience working with unions and staff to negotiate new workplace agreements and/or address grievances toward acceptable settlements.

Evaluation & Research

Good practice includes evaluating and reflecting on what is and isn’t working. We can assist you with designing and undertaking program and project evaluation to demonstrate the effectiveness and/or efficiency of what you are doing.

Good evaluation can provide the foundation for your business case for more and better funding for the future.

We also can undertake research to answer a variety of business questions such as –

  • Who are my most direct competitors?
  • What are other organisations like mine doing that may be applicable to my business and could improve my outcomes?
  • Where could we expand into new or niche markets? are there potential partnerships that could assist with our bottom line? 
  • What are other pertinent needs of the communities that we operate in?

It has often been said that 'what is important is worth measuring' and we can help you streamline and analyse what you measure to minimise the impact on staff time, while ensuring you have what it takes to build your business case.

Set-up Services

Are you needing to set up a new service or expanding the one you have?

We can work with you to:

  • recruit staff
  • set in place processes and infrastructure quickly to start your new venture on a solid foundation

This helps:

  • minimise the risks of poor staff culture
  • failing to meet OH&S requirements, or
  • choosing the wrong location.

We have undertaken place-based planning, working across government departments.

We look forward to challenge and working with you.


A small sample of programs that CommCorp Consulting has set up includes:

  • Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) services, including public education programs, in Russia.
  • HIV/Aids programs in Africa.
  • Manufacturing and printing works in Mexico.
  • Public/primary health programs in Victoria.
  • Community welfare/suicide prevention programs in Australia and the U.S.

Other Services

Do you have a particular challenge that you don’t quite know how to address?

We are happy to discuss it with you and, if not appropriate to our skill set, suggest other possible resources that you might access.

We love challenge and change and are happy to assist you if we can. Contact us for a no-obligation quote and referral where needed.

We wish to assist you, so will only take those who we believe we can genuinely assist.

We have experience in successfully setting up new programs and organisations around the world that flourish and grow.

Dr Rodger Brough

Astute, measured and professional in her work and professional relationships, Glenda is a dedicated and committed consultant achieving results with composure and minimal fuss. A consummate leader and skilled negotiator.

Dr Rodger Brough
Drug & Alcohol Physician


Mark Brennan

Glenda has that knack of breaking down complex issues and tasks into sizable and manageable chunks to guide our Executive’s strategic plan development. Her knowledge of the health, wellbeing and community sector policy and practice is amazing!

Mark Brennan
South West PCP


About CommCorp Consulting

CommCorp Consulting has worked primarily in the Not-for-Profit sector for over 20 years. Its primary consultant, Glenda Stanislaw, provided training services for the Victorian Government's Department of Human Services and expanded to undertake research and evaluation of government funded programs.

More recently, work has expanded into the commercial sectors, working with Boards and Senior Management to:

  • re-organise work processes;
  • identify and audit risks;
  • recruit, train, and mentor key staff; and
  • provide 'start-up' services resulting in comprehensive new ventures.

We specialise in strategic planning processes, working with organisations to identify unrealised potential – identifying where niche markets and key partnering potential might exist for expansion.

We draw on our international experience of working in developing countries to 'look outside' of traditional silos and pathways to develop real innovation – Innovation that helps staff think differently about the 'how' and 'why' of what they do, irrespective of the part that they play within the organisation.

Innovation is institutionalised within structures that support staff engagement and productivity.

CommCorp Consulting has the expertise to assist with issues of governance, finances, human resources, and audit/research/evaluation.

We specialise in small to medium teams, units or organisations requiring an intensive look at an issue or area.

We work with you to achieve your goals, providing the skills to support you in moving forward – tailoring an approach that suits you.

The CommCorp Team

Glenda Stanislaw

Glenda Stanislaw
Executive Director

Glenda works in health system reform at the organisation and service system levels.

As a change agent, she specialises in sustainable innovative ways of leveraging change to better position organisations or systems to deliver better results.

Her expertise includes:

  • HIV and sexual health;
  • Alcohol and drug (AOD);
  • Mental health;
  • Primary/Public Health.

Having worked in developing countries, Glenda has used those experiences when working with CALD and ATSI communities within Australia.

Her passion is capacity-building at individual, organisational, and community levels.


David Stanislaw

David Stanislaw is a Certified Public Accountant with over a decade of experience working in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

Working for over seven years for the Victorian Police as a management accountant, he particularly enjoys working with senior management to identify processes that can achieve objectives more efficiently, seeing budgets as a tool toward achieving one’s goals effectively.

Working overseas, David has undertaken forensic accounting in developing countries to identify fraud and waste for international Aid organisations. Auditing community organisations, he has assisted them to identify financial risks and put safeguards in place.
David also is experienced in putting financial systems in place for start-ups, and is especially skilled in financial policy development.

David has often provided training for senior management and boards regarding effectively linking strategic planning and policy development to budget processes and reviews.

Our Partner – Integrity Governance

Headed by Dr John Harte, Integrity Governance provides Commcorp Consulting with expert advice and services for Board of Management and governance issues.

Dr Harte is a Fellow of the Directors Institutes in Australia and the UK, a Board Leadership Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors in USA, a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia, and a facilitator on the domestic and International Company Directors Course, delivering governance education programs around the world.

Working with boards, chairs, directors, chief executives, and group executives in Australia and around the world, he has facilitated government businesses, co-operative research centres, peak industry bodies, private companies and not-for-profit member-based organisations in governance, executive and board review processes, with particular experience in healthcare policy and governance.


A core national and international facilitator for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, his experience encompasses education, governance reviews, mentoring and strategic planning.

The diverse skillsets of other Integrity Governance team members include change management, human resources, compliance, strategic planning, issues management, recruitment and training, mergers, acquisitions, capital raising, risk governance, insurance and performance planning.

Meeting the needs of national and international clients through teams in Australia, North America and Europe, Integrity Governance greatly expands the expertise that CommCorp Consulting can offer to assist organisations refine and improve their governance processes.

More about Integrity Governance here.